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Make Eclipse Support Retina Resolution

Posted by Kyle Diedrick

Anyone doing Android development on a Retina Macbook Pro is probably going crazy dealing with Eclipse. Even in the latest version of the ADT, Eclipse does not support the Retina display. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to fix Eclipse so that it works with the new Retina displays.

Show Package Contents of

First, open finder and navigate to the directory that Eclipse is installed in. This is usually somewhere like



After finding the directory that contains you need to right click and choose Show Package Contents. Inside the app will be a folder called Contents. Open that folder and edit the Info.plist file. Add these lines just before the closing </dict> tag:


Next, you have to make a copy of I would recommend opening the copy to make sure everything works correctly. Once you are sure that everything works as it is supposed to, delete the original, rename the copy to, and you’re all set!

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