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Five Great Website Design Galleries

Posted by Kyle Diedrick

Five Great Design Galleries

When I am looking for inspiration I like to have examples of various design techniques and color palettes.  The best way that I have found to do this is to have a variety of different design gallery sites to peruse.  Even if the client has provided you with their vision of the site it can be advantageous to look at other types of sites and see if there is some technique that could be useful on your site.  After all, good designs incorporate current styles while providing a unique and memorable experience.  Here are the main design galleries that I visit.

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2 CommentsPosted March 23rd, 2010Kyle Diedrick

Decrease Development Time Through Separate CSS

Posted by Kyle Diedrick

Pretty much all designers are in agreement that having your styling outside of the page is a great idea.  It cuts down on clutter and decreases page load time, not to mention it makes styling many pages to look the same much easier.  However,  I have recently began to separate out my style sheets into individual files based on the overall function of certain styles.  For example, having your reset information in its own style sheet, or having the styles that govern object positions or page layout in their own file.  I think this is something that is often overlooked, so here are my thoughts on the subject. Continue reading

1 CommentPosted March 14th, 2010Kyle Diedrick

Website Development Basics

Posted by Kyle Diedrick

I’ve always thought that there is a relatively high barrier to entry for newcomers to website development. A combination of acronyms and programming concepts can make learning how to develope websites fairly daunting, not to mention all of the concepts that go into good design. One of the main reasons I started the blog here at Graphics Unplugged is to help reduce this barrier to entry. With this post I want to explain some of the basic concepts and acronyms that are used daily in website development. Continue reading

No CommentsPosted March 7th, 2010Kyle Diedrick
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